Saturday, March 11, 2017

Interior Elegance

Designer Tara Shaw's New Orleans home.

Photo by Paul Costello

Roman Kochanowski “Abedules”

Embrasse Roses, Passementerie Leclercq

Designer Timothy Corrigan’s LA home

The walls of the library/dining room are hand-painted silk, and the chest and the mirror are high-end antiques, but the lamps are not. “You don’t have to spend a lot of money on lamps if you have good lampshades. I paid about $100 for these and then spent the money on the shades.”

Hans Hedberg - View of the National-Museum from Nybroviken, Stockholm

Atlanta designer Suzanne Kasler has a masterful way of blending soothing neutrals with European elegance and big comfort that’s quintessentially Southern.

Photo by Erica George-Dines

Designer Timothy Corrigan’s LA home

In the master bedroom, Timothy used a similar fabric to upholster the walls and make the shades and the bed drapes. “Upholstering a bedroom cuts sound and creates a very cozy, intimate feeling.”

Designer Timothy Corrigan’s LA home
Timothy and Kathleen have coffee and read the newspaper in the master bedroom’s comfortable seating area, done mostly in golds and greens; the end table is from Timothy Corrigan Home.

Library filled with european antiques

Photo by Simon Upton



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