Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lovely, Lovely

Fields of Spring

“The Master has no possessions. The more he does for others, the happier he is. The more he gives to others, the wealthier he is. The Tao nourishes by not forcing. By not dominating, the Master leads.” 

Lao Tzu

alexander mcqueen f/w 2006 ‘the widows of culloden’: “Scotland for me is a harsh, cold and bitter place. It was even worse when my great, great grandfather used to live there… . The reason I’m patriotic about Scotland is because I think it’s been dealt a really hard hand. It’s marketed the world over as … haggis … bagpipes. But no one ever puts anything back into it.” - alexander mcqueen

“To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible again and again.” 

-Hermann Hesse

Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York
Source: thejewinjcrew
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