Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Artistic Vision brought to Life

Simons Store Window

See how one artist's creative vision come to life.
 A neat video showing how this store window display becomes a reality.

Explanatory letter to Quebéc City's Council:

"Fashion is much more then an human necessity. It's a way to express yourself out and loud. La Maison Simons, so traditional in the field, understands it and brings to the people of Quebéc city a new space to feature artistic fashion interventions. 

To launch this space the Brazilian artist / art director Rodrigo Braga in collaboration with the Montreal's famous photographers Leda and Saint Jacques and the stylist Melissa Matos created this piece called Flowers for Ana. 

In his artistic vision he creates a representation of an young girl falling in love for the first and second times. A mysterious and dreamy space surrounds and supports her. But she is alone with her feelings, desires and expectations, each of those represented by one flower. 

For the first part of the exhibition she is falling in love for the first time, like Alice falling into a hole to another dimension Ana falls into her dreams in a very Naive way of thinking. For this reason the clothes are hand made and unique. Her poses are like a free falling and she doesn't have to hold back her feelings. The colors are innocent shades of blue and gold.

For the second time she is wearing slightly military costumes, heavy fabrics and war-ish make up and hair style. This time she is more conscious of what is being in love, but like everybody else she let herself fall in love again and again and again. She is a new person and her desires and expectations are now represented by a green version of the same flowers but her feelings, her soul or essence is still the same, pure and shine like gold."

Client: La Maison Simons - Elsa Vincent
Mandate: Artistic Intervention in Store Window
Agency: Sid Lee
Creative Director: Isabelle D'Astous
Lead Architect: Jean Pellan
Art Director: Rodrigo Braga
Photographers: Leda & St Jacques
Model: Jessica Perez
Stylist: Melissa Matos


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